Escrow Rates



For Rates over $950,000.00, please call for a quote.

Special Fees

Refinance/Second Mortgages:  One half the Escrow Fee or $400.00, whichever is greater.  There will be an additional charge of $250.00 for bill-payer refinances.  The General Rate may apply to a Second Mortgage.

Mobile Homes:  Title Elimination – add $200.00 to Escrow Fee.  Mobile Homes only – $500.00 minimum.

Exchanges:  (Trades) – Two fees based on the sales price of each property.

Courtesy Sign-Up Fee:  $175.00

Sub-Escrow Fee:  $300.00

Email fee is $50.00

Wire Fee: $20.00

Reconveyance Fee: $150.00

Document Preparation: $150.00

Quit Claim Deed Preparation: $100.00

Re-Draw Fee: $100.00

Sales Tax of 8.5% will be added to all Special Fees except for the reconveyance.
We reserve the right to charge additional fees when warranted

Schedule of Escrow Charges


 Effective as of October 1, 2014

The rates quoted in the escrow rate chart above, are minimum charges that are to be made for the customer services performed and the usual risks assumed in each escrow transaction.

If it is determined that additional work is required for a particular transaction, the company reserves the right to make additional charges as may be deemed necessary to properly compensate the Company for such additional work. An example of additional work may be a substantial restructuring of the transaction subsequent to the original delivery of the Purchase and Sale Agreement, or multiple redrafting of documents. If additional work charges become necessary, the parties will be advised of these additional charges as soon as possible and afforded the opportunity to cancel.

Multiple Issue (formerly called builder/sub-divider rates) rate reductions are based upon the reduction of labor involved in the multiple transactions occurring over an unspecified period of time involving lots within the same subdivision and/or the same builders, developers or investors. The Multiple Issue Rate is 60% of the General Rate Schedule.

Governmental Agencies or instrumentalities acquiring or disposing of real estate may be based upon agreement between the agency and the escrow company. Minimum fee: $200

HUD and Government agencies Courtesy Sign-up Fee; $150 Plus Tax

A charitable or non-profit entity may receive a rate reduction of 50% of the General Schedule. Minimum fee: $200 Plus Tax.

The escrow fee will be waived for employees of the Company or affiliated companies, when the transaction involves the refinance, sale or purchase of the employee’s primary residence. The company reserves the right to waive all of these fees on investment property as well.

An additional charge of $100.00 may be added for each monetary lien requiring record release (e.g. Deeds of Trust, mortgages, real estate contracts, judgments, etc.) where the recordable release documents are not received at the time of closing.  This fee may be waived if the creditor responsible for the release is a local entity or person and the receipt of the release documentation post-closing is assured. The fee will also be waived for reconveyances of Deeds of Trust where Pacific Title Company is the Trustee.

Courier fees of $35 will be added for small packages (as in payoffs) and $50 will be added for express or large packages (as in loan packages). Refunds for an overage will not be made, nor billing for a shortfall from the exact amount billed to the company, when the courier fee cannot be accurately determined at the time of closing.

Additional work charges disallowed by the VA may be waived.

For Sale by Owner transactions, where no real estate agents are involved, may be charged an additional fee based on the time and cost associated with the transaction.

Short Sale transactions, where the bank is accepting a short payoff for one or more loans may be charged an additional fee based on the time and cost associated with the closing of the transaction.

When funds are held back after closing per customer instructions the company reserves the right to charge $125.00 to disburse these funds at a later date(s). This charge may be increased depending on the work involved in holding back these funds and the number of times money is disbursed.

Active Military Personnel may receive a $100.00 discount off of their qualifying rate (the company must be told about the active duty prior to starting the escrow process).

The company may waive any of the above fees if the transaction is not consummated.

Said company reserves the right to match any quoted rate by a competitor doing business in Washington State.

The Standard County Recording Fees will be passed along to the customer at the exact rate the Company is charged.

Any electronic recording fees known as E-recording fees that are charged to the company may be added to the recording fees being charged to the customer.